Our story


The founder partner José Felipe Ardila Vásquez decides to become independent and start to work like inspector into different projects.


The company was legally established with the name of J. Felipe Ardila V. & Cia ltda at the end of December of 1986.


FOSCAL - Fundación Oftalmológica Carlos Ardila Lule in Bucaramanga city. Along this period, several contracts are made with this institution such as intervention, construction and consultancy.

1992 -1995

Carlos lleras Restrepo Urbanization

During the building process of this huge residential project of multi-family housing, the company worked for the National Earning Fund (Fondo Nacional del Ahorro) making a deep consultation for this project.

1999 -2002

After the dreadful tragedy of Armenia's earthquake in 1999, the company re-built several hospitals over Eje Cafetero zone.


The company starts a contract with AYC consortium for El Dorado Airport intervention.


Branding and creation of ARCO like a brand. Its commercial name changed but the company still work with the same registered name. In addition, the company makes a restructuring based on the work of Felipe and David Ardila, partners and sons of the founder.